Monday, March 22, 2010

Today is a Hard Day

We returned from our crazy, busy adventure in K.C. Never have I been so tired. Well, okay, maybe I have. Every minute was full. I had no time to think but now I'm home.

Heidi Christensen has compiled the most amazing tribute to a dear and cherished friend, Caroline Hemming. Those of you who knew her know what I mean. She was so talented. She spoke with such a command of the language. She loved our Savior and had a testimony that did not falter. She knew why she was here and she did her very best every day. She lived each day in excellence. I always knew where I stood with her. I only wanted to be on her "good side". She died of an "unknown" cancer on October 22, 2009. I miss her!! Oh, how I miss her!!! Heidi did such a wonderful job writing her life story that my heart aches again for her.

The sadness doesn't stop there. Caroline's daughter, Crystal Hunter had the most beautiful, sweet baby girl, our Hailey Carolynn Hunter, on Dec. 21,2009. She was a most precious love. She left us on March 13, 2010 to go back to her Father in Heaven and to be with her grandmother, my sweet friend, Caroline. Crystal and her husband, Billy amaze me with their understanding of the gospel. I know there are times they must cry. Most times they are consoling US!! We do know with a certainty, that we will live together with our loving Father, our brother and Savior, Jesus, and that we will rejoice with our family and friends who have passed before us. The gospel is true!!

I just miss my friend... and her granddaughter.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Iowa here we Come !

Michelle has just not been feeling very well,so...... Jen and I decided to visit far off Iowa. It's not the best place to drive to considering pretty flat open areas. Not much eye candy I guess :) When it gets dark, there are not many overhead lights on 218. Like...none. Jen got behind a truck driver with his brights on. Since Jen and I both have night-blindness it was an exciting trip!As we approached Iowa City I said " OH,Look Jen !! More cars, it seems lighter out now. " Jen's response,"Yeah Mom, We have overhead lamps again !!" Sometimes I'm not the brightest bulb!!! Going back during the day.. A much better idea!!

Jen and Michelle got some shopping in,not much, but Jen found some pretty dresses at Motherhood.I was able to re-hem Michelle and Dave's thermal weave curtains so they would fit the sliding glass door.I made chicken soup, a big pot of it! SOOO.. if you live in Coralville, stop by, there should be plenty left !

We went to an Amish town about a half-hour away called Kalona.The town had a wonderful store called, Stringtown Grocery. What fun!! I marvelled at all the neat things on the shelves. Jen kept hurrying me through the aisles. She wanted to get to the bakery store further on in town.I bought dried cranberry beans, only to read later on the computer that they'll lose their beautiful colors when cooked.They had the most amazing things !!I bought steel cut oats,eggplant,quinoa,old fashioned egg noodles,tiny,tiny,bowtie noodles,butternut squash,better butter (that's the name) and some dried mushrooms with a name I've never seen before.I am an explorer when it come to finding new healthy fares. Jen left the store with 2 large bags of marshmellow bits, the kind in Alpha-bit cereal....just without the cereal.Jen says," The kids will love me for it !!!" Oh well, back to my dried cranberry beans!

Next stop, the bakery. Oh what wonders!! The best apple pie ever !! Something called Steeper bread,. It has cinnamon ribbons through it,Wow !There were donuts,way too big.They had a gift shop upstairs. I've been meaning to get Preston a train whistle. They had a great one there!! One of the Amish women was dusting the "Corinthian Chimes" I've never heard anything so beautiful!! I think angels were helping. My friend Caroline who passed away on the 22nd of October would have loved them. I think I heard her hand in them!!! I miss you Caroline!!

I was so grateful to have Jen drive us up there! She was a super general manager helping Michelle go through her summer clothes and pack them up! Jen's a great organizer, and great comic relief also.I love spending time with my girls. Poppy stayed home so he could babysit Jen's fantastic four while Adam worked on Saturday. We had Stake Conference sat. night so Poppy had to do a lot of setting up.Poppy has figured out Preston !! When he couldn't see or hear him, Larry would go looking to see what mischief he had gotten into. Sometimes he was just playing in the sun room. Most times he was pulling lids off wet things, and pouring. We've got to teach Preston a new trick !!

It was great to see Michelle and Dave. They have a pretty small condo, so they let us use their bed. No small sacrifice. It was great to share some time with them.They are devoted to each other. It's hard to live away from family when you don't feel well so much of the time. Michelle's vestibular migranes come and go. Lately, they've been more prevalent.All in all, it was a memorable trip. Life is Good !!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

About time...

Lots of stuff has happened since Ronnie wrote about the brats! The roof is finished, the gutter and soffit has been installed and the kitchen is 97.5% complete.

Adam graduated from UMKC Dental School and got his license. Adam, Jen and kids have moved back to St. Louis to a home they have been remodelling for the last three months. They now live 1.3 miles from us. Adam begins work today! The kids are signed up for gymnastics and world peace is at hand (not). There are still many things left to finish on their house but it's coming together nicely.

Ronnie and Larry are both on facebook. Facebook statistics indicate that the fastest growing demographic are 35 years old and older. (We fit into the lower part, right?)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Totally toasted apple brats

Well, I really almost did it today !!Larry went home teaching with Ed Parks after church today. He was kind enough to start the grill for me. I thought I would try to get everything together while Larry was gone.Big mistake !! I went done to put the par-boiled brats on the grill,came back about 7 min. later and POW !!! Flambe,that's o.k. for some very special desserts,not o.k.for brats. I cooked about 18 of them,only 7 were edible.I couldn't get the high flames to go out,even after turning the grill completely off !! There was so much smoke and flames I could hardly see !!Just then the fire sirens went off down the block.I thought for sure the engines were coming to MY house . Oh happy day,they passed me. On the bright side, I probably won't get to use the grill again for a couple of years . I bet I'm grounded.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

We have a new roof...Almost

Have I told you today? Life is Good !! I have a husband who loves me enough to wake up at 4:00 a.m. to drive me to the mega-bus ,down at Union Station. That way I can go on a field trip with Paige to the grocery store. I leave here tues 11/18 at 5:15 a.m. ,arrive in K.C. at 10:30 a.m. just in time for our Hyvee field trip. Oh, the things I will learn !! It's a good thing though, because then on Wed. I will drive back to St.Louis with Jen and her merry band of assorted toddlers, and even a first grader.

Oh! Wasn't I going to tell you about my roof ? This wed. Joe and Travis started on our roof.It is just wonderful !! I picked out a grey brown color that you are all supposed to OH and Ah over. Don't forget !!
All was going well until the weather decided not to cooperate. They worked long into the night with lights on their heads on thurs, only to have it rain on friday. The tarp is back on the roof.Saturday was rainy and cold.Monday will be a brand new day !!A full roof day !! (hopefully) :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm Thankful ...

What a wonderful day! R.J. Lindmark was kind enough to cut wood for us.Us, is Glenda,Karen and me.Glenda and I met Karen after her work today. We went to her house and the "creating" began. We picked out our paper,then painted the blocks. Just a little bit of heaven,playing with my "buddies" .

Glenda and I used the Chocolate brown vinyl and 3 3/4 inch 'base camp' letters on my cricut. It is after 10:00 P.M. We worked on our project about 6 1/2 hours. Karen used 3" chipboard letters which she painted in chocolate. We had a lot of fun using all kinds of embellishments. The best part is they were all different!! Good friends, great supplies and a cold glass of water, life is good !!!!



Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm a Winner!!!

I WON!!! I WON!!!

Two blogs in one day, what do you think? I am sooo excited I have been going to a very fun site. It has the best ideas of things to purchase or make if you're creative enough !!!

I was lucky enough to win one of my faves. It is the Birthday placemat from Two Sisters Ink . The # 22 giveaway. Can't you just see our "You are Special" plate on there? Life IS Good!!!